Exciting Places to Cover in The Most Epic Road Trips in the Middle East and Africa

Epic Road Trips

The Middle East and African regions are certainly hot and harsh to travel for long. But the fascinating expanse houses several tourist places and natural vistas one should experience on a drive. If you have an RV trailer or even a motorbike, check out the memorable places to enjoy on a road trip.

Middle East and African regions

Enjoy the countryside and villages

One of the seven world’s wonders, Petra in Jordan should be a must on your list. The ancient ruins, abandoned settlements, and brick structures standing strong to date are not the ones to be missed. You can turn the trip to Wadi Rum valley to explore the sandstone cliffs and dunes.

Apart from Jordan, you can find countryside and hilltop attractions near Iran and Saudi Arabia. Amadiya of Iraq or Golestan of Iran Kurdistan are famous for the origin of ancient Asian culture of food and cloth. Roman ruins of Baalbek and Qadisha valley in Lebanon reflect the best ancient Christian monasteries of the region.

While you can approach these places through vehicles, you can also enjoy a hiking or trekking trip to these hilltop destinations.

Spellbound architectural structures

Cities in the Middle East boast famous architecture reflecting vibrant colors in ethnic designs. You can explore many buildings and famous mosques around the towns and cities roaming in your car. Starting from the Bab Mansour front gate to the old marketplace of Medina, Morocco is full of eye-catching buildings in intricately painted and carved structures.

If you visit Iran, you can explore the new era designs and complex architectures retaining the old-fashioned art and culture. Lebanon has a history of wars and foreign rule, making it probably the best to tour if you wish to enjoy a mixed culture of Asian and Western settlements.

No colors yet splendid carvings are unturned attractions of desert country Egypt. Well-known for the countless pyramids and pharaoh tombs, you probably can’t stop with the Sphinx of Giza once you start your trip.

Natural refreshment in the heat

Did you think sand and structures are the only things to watch? When traveling on the roads, water shores and green patches are sure to fall in your route. Saudi Arabia’s Jizan is a major trekking spot to spend at least two days in the lush green valley.

You can also find lush green hills and azure shorelines if you plan a long driving trip in the Wild Coast region of the Eastern Cape. Salalah city of Oman is an iconic trading spot for the best coconuts and pineapples of the Middle East. Despite being in the hottest region, this land is proud of its fertile greenery and is worth a road trip in meadows and fresh cool breeze.

road trip in meadows

While trekking to Petra, you can extend the plan to visit the coolest shore of the Dead Sea, where you have a dip in the super-salty water. Fig trees, date palms, and olive groves are the commonly found trees and shrubs. You can spot them in the open meadows or visit the botanical gardens in Iran or UAE.

A trip to a single city can easily cover the best architecture, nature, and culture when you have flexible time and a car in your hand. Make sure you drive around the places and enjoy the ethnic culture to their best.


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