The 5 Best Places For First-Time Tourists In Algeria

Algiers the capital of Algeria

Algeria is a country that’s rich in culture and history, with many natural wonders to explore. If you are looking for the best places for first-time tourists in Algeria, there are a few places that you can visit. Each place has a lot to offer and many activities that can be done.

The Roman Theatre in Tipasa

Tipasa was founded by the Phoenicians and the Ancient Romans called it a ‘Phoenician pearl’. The ancient theatre is located on top of a rocky hill and hosted many Roman officials such as emperor Hadrian. It’s still used today to host arts and music festivals.

You can reach this ancient theatre using your own car or public transport, but if you want to get closer, there is a hiking trail that starts from the Archaeological Museum. Needless to say, this site should be included in your list of places for first-time tourists in Algeria!

Algiers: The Capital of Algeria

This capital city is more than just a place of residence for many Algerians, it’s also an important touristic destination. There are many museums to visit, such as the National Museum of Antiquities and Fine Arts and the National Military Museum.

The ‘satellite’ city called Tipaza can be reached in 45 minutes from Algiers. This ancient city hosts a small amphitheater that was used by the Romans during festivals and games. You can also explore ancient roman mosaics at the museum close to this ancient theater!

Tiddis: A White-sanded Desert Town Rich With Heritage Sites

There are some impressive things to see in this area, one of them is the church in Djamaa-El-Kebir. It’s an old Christian basilica that dates back to the third century and still features a room for circumcision, which is important in Islam too!

The other place to visit this area is the white-sanded desert of Tiddis. You can ride a camel or a 4×4 vehicle to explore this beautiful desert landscape, or just simply enjoy it from your tent whilst being on a camping trip!

Oran: The Pearl of Eastern Algeria

Oran has been known as Orano since the 11th century under Islamic rule, but its heritage goes far beyond any religious monuments. You can find many heritage sites here such as Kasbah Mosque, Sidi Bel Abbas Mosque, and beautiful beaches.

To enjoy Oran to the fullest, you can take a trip to Ach-Chouhada beach or Mers el Kebir. These two places are different from each other but both are equally amazing!

Hassi Messaoud: The Heart of Oil Country

Algeria is known as an oil country, so it makes sense for Hassi Messaoud to make this list of places for first-time tourists in Algeria. With its modern city facilities and its vast desert landscape with many oil wells, there is a lot to discover here!

One of the most popular sites in Hassi Messaoud is the Théodore Monod Museum. It’s also home to the largest oil field in Africa, so if you are interested in this type of activity, Hassi Messaoud is definitely the place for you.


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