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Need a car lift? Find your commuting buddy on Carpool Arabia.
Hundreds of reliable drivers in your local community.

How It Works

1. Search A Ride

Find the ride that match your journey.

2. Book Your Buddy

Send booking request to your preferred driver.

3. Grab A Seat

Meet friendly driver and enjoy the ride.

Why Carpooling

Save Money

Start saving money on your daily commute.

Meet New People

Carpooling make your boring rides a bit more fun.

ECO Friendly

Less cars on the road reduces emissions of carbon dioxide.

see why so many people decided to carpool with us


Xavier, Downtown Dubai to JAFZA

I have been using CarpoolArabia since its launch :) That would be approximately over a year or so. As a driver, I don't really save time or money, but it is nice to have some company when driving and to have the feeling that we are helping other people. I drive from Downtown to Dubai Airport Freezone every week-day for work. I work in the utilities business for a French company. Carpooling also gives me a good reason to be on time every morning ;) I usually talk with my passengers, which is nice and we listen to the radio in the background. As a driver, it is nice to help people and share the fuel costs!


Asma, Business Bay to Knowledge Village

I'm using Carpool Arabia since 2 months and I'm really happy with it. I'm new in Dubai and its a real opportunity to meet new people who are living and working in the same areas as me. It makes my life easy and also cheaper than taking taxis everyday. Most of the time I carpool only from home to the office cause I don't have a fixed time for leaving the office by night. I tried three different drivers and they were all very nice. I really appreciate the car lift system and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is not really comfortable to drive in Dubai, who don't want to lose too much money on transportation and who want to meet new people around his house or work.


Raj, Sharjah to Dubai Media City

I have been living in Sharjah all my life and ever since I started my job in Dubai, I hated the traffic situation between the two emirates. Luckily I was able to find through Carpool Arabia another guy who travelled through a similar route than mine and my house was in his way. We switch every week and it saves my money and stress of driving. I wished there was a metro between the two emirates but for the moment carpooling is my best option.


Mary, Al Satwa to JLT

I always have to save money to make ends meet and traveling by car was not affordable until I found carpool arabia. I am commuting with another lady. I was able to find a friend who could drop and pick me off from work. We have a great time carpooling and she introduces me to new songs that the young generation listen to. It is fun and and much convenient than bus and metro. It has made my life easier and more enjoyable as well.


Fanny, JLT to Abu Dhabi Downtown

I carpool once or twice at week and I have always had pleasant moments with my copilots. Car pooling ease my life by entertaining my 3 hours of daily commute that can quickly turn boring. Work discussions, tips from people that have been living for longer than me in the GCC region, ideas for next trips, career advice or even girls talks: it's not about sharing a ride, it's about sharing a friendly moment. Having regular carpools is the best as my co-pilots have now turned good friends :). And environment wise, I feel better by sharing my CO2 emissions. If your mood is more to share friendly moments and leave your green awareness unscathed, carpooling is for you :)