Save Money

Everyday, while commuting we incur so many expenses like fuel, Salik, maintenance etc instead of complaining simply divide your costs by carpooling with someone.

Meet New People

Carpooling make your boring ride a bit more interesting and fun. You get to interact with different people and you make it a memorable experience for everyone.

ECO Friendly

When there are lesser number of cars on the road it leads to lower emissions and thus there are lesser toxic gases released into the atmosphere.

Reduce Traffic

The beauty of carpooling is that you don't require any additional investment to combat traffic. You can make the difference right away with us.

Carpool Arabia Community

Start saving money and be part of car lift community

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Latest Reviews
Bobby was extremely congenial, and we shared great conversation on our ride. I was glad that he could help me out by providing a lift, and we got back to Dubai rather quickly.
Elisa E Carpooled to The Gardens (Dubai) on 17 Nov 2014
its was very nice i really enjoy the time
waqas w Carpooled to Deira (Dubai) on 22 Jan 2015
The ride was very pleasant and Albert is very flexible. Definitely recommended.
Lama L Carpooled to Abu Dhabi Gate City (Abu Dhabi) on 05 May 2015